The Best Split Pea Recipes (That aren't soup!)

Four Delicious Split Pea Recipes (That Aren’t Soup!)

Recently I came to the somewhat shocking realization that it’s very hard to find recipes for split peas. There are, of course, hundreds of recipes for split pea soup. But what if I have 30 pounds of split peas and don’t want it to all be soup? (I don’t have 30 pounds of split peas.)

I search endlessly for various other recipes I could use to prepare the dried peas and only came up with a handful. In order to save you from all that, I’ve compiled a short list.

Four Awesome Recipes for Using Split Peas

Just click the image for any of them to find the recipe!

Crunchy Split Peas – Great for Snacking!
Crunchy Split Peas for Snacking
Photo by Every Last Bite
Split Pea Hummus – Yummy With a Veggie Tray!
Split Pea Hummus
Photo by Jennifer Davick.
Green Split Pea Salad – Terrific for a Hearty Lunch
Green Split Pea Salad with Rice & Cranberries
Photo from
Green Split Pea Burger – A Terrific Vegetarian Alternative
Green Split Pea Burger
Photo by Laura of Semi-Vegetarian

Okay, I know I said there were only four, but I found this next one after I thought I was done and I couldn’t leave it out. It sound WAY too yummy for words!

Chick & Split Pea Falafels – Use green or yellow split peas!
Split Pea & Chick Pea Falafels
Photo from Soup Addict

I hope you were able to get some good recipes from this list. If you’d like to purchase split peas online, this is the best option I’ve found. (affiliate link) HOWEVER, if you can make it to a grocery store, you’ll find it’s much cheaper. I’ve been able to get 1 lb bags for around $1-1.50.

If you try one of these recipes PLEASE let me know! Or if you know of any others, I’d love to hear of them! I’m going to poll the family to choose one for this week, so make sure you’re following on Facebook to see how it goes!


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Best Split Pea Recipes that aren't soup.

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