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Cutting Down Trees – I Am My Father’s Daughter

This evening I had only planned on just weeding a small bit of “garden” tonight to clear way for the ever expansive cucumber plants (that’s another story for a different day) when I realized some of the “weeds” that had been in this bit of garden (it’s really an old sandbox that the former owner/tenants mulched over that borders my elevated boxes) had grown into unmanageable trees since we moved in last fall. To be completely honest, I knew they’d been growing into trees, but they’re definitely an unwelcome variety.

trees gardening weedsAnyway, tonight as I went out to just weed the box so that I could remove the borders from the old box and make room for the cucumbers, I decided I’d had just about enough of these trees and took a saw to them. Thirty minutes later and I’d almost completely taken down most of the major branches from the tree and realized that there are two separate trunks to this tree these trees. I had to come in for a break to call the big kiddos (just ONE more week until they get home from Ohio/Minnesota) and put Nadia to bed, so I thought I’d take this chance to upload some pictures to this newly formed blog.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m doing with this new site, but I really should probably get some sort of idea of it before I post too much. Anyway, let’s get on to the pictures of my ridiculously fun gardening evening.

trees gardening weeds

So, I didn’t bother to take pictures until I’d already neared finishing the general weeding. As you can see, there are three of the old borders from the sandbox still up. I removed one of them a few weeks ago (which is when I discovered that this bed used to be a sandbox.) The trees are in the back corner – do you see where I started hacking away at the limbs of this little guy?

trees gardening weeds

And of course, a big arse pile of tree limbs. I wish renting/buying a wood chipper wasn’t so damn expensive, not sure what I’ll end up doing with these guys.

trees gardening weeds

OH, that’s right! I never really explained the title of this post. My father is a lumberjack, tree cutter, logger, whatever you want to call it. Or at least he was when I was growing up. He retired from in a couple years ago and now works at a Menards in Minnesota.

trees gardening weeds

No seriously, I really don’t want to throw this all out with the trash.

Hope you enjoyed reading <3 Shelby

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