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The Best Split Pea Recipes (That aren't soup!)

Four Delicious Split Pea Recipes (That Aren’t Soup!)

Recently I came to the somewhat shocking realization that it’s very hard to find recipes for split peas. There are, of course, hundreds of recipes for split pea soup. But what if I have 30 pounds of split peas and don’t want it to all be soup? (I don’t have 30 pounds of split peas.)

I search endlessly for various other recipes I could use to prepare the dried peas and only came up with a handful. In order to save you from all that, I’ve compiled a short list. Read more

banana bread nut free

Nut-Free Banana Bread

With Nuts vs. Nut-Free Banana Bread is a culinary disagreement older than pineapples on pizza (yes) and ketchup on everything (no.) In my house, we’re pretty divided. I personally really love chopped walnuts or almonds in my banana bread, but my husband can’t stand them. In fact, he won’t eat nuts on/in anything except maybe trail mix. He loves a good ol’ banana split but you better believe he tells them to leave them off while I stare at him and wonder how a person’s taste buds could be so weird. However, he loves bananas (fresh, splits, bread, taffy) and we’re never short of ripe frozen bananas to make bread around here. Read more

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