Nadia Doesn’t Like Eating Yet

I have to start this off by saying that our almost 7 month old baby girl, hates eating. Around 4 months old, our pediatrician told us she was ready to start solid foods so we, on a weekly occasion, fed her some pureed vegetables and fruits. It wasn’t terribly frequent, and she never seemed to catch on to enjoying big people food.

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Fast forward to 6 months old, the age where it is now generally accepted for most babies to eat pureed solids, and we are trying to step up our game a little. Feeding her every day is now more of a necessity in trying to get her used to the texture. You see, that’s basically been her problem this whole time. We took her out with us to Hibachi lunch and let her have onion soup broth (cooled, of course) and she adored it. So I’m pretty sure the texture of the solid foods is what bothers her most.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to record her food reactions for people, because I personally find them hilarious. Tiki Tiki Baby sent us some bibs to try out for the occasion (and of course for daily use) and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with this brand. These are the softest and easiest to use bibs I’ve ever tried and Nadia is my third child! There are two snaps on the side (versus traditional back position) so that they can be snapped in up to three different sizes. The snaps close and release very easily, which is a major bonus.

These bibs are THICK too. They absorb moisture really well and the terry like back is great for cleaning up the seat tray when the meal is over. The front is incredibly soft, so it works really well for wiping baby’s face and let me just say, these are sort of BIG which is exceptionally great for catching EVERYTHING.

Anyway, we definitely love this bib set, which you can purchase on Amazon here through our affiliate link and we’d love if you check out this short video clip of Nadia refusing to eat pears.


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This review was sponsored by Tiki Tiki Baby, however all experiences & opinions are our own. 

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