Hi! I’m Shelby and I want to introduce you to my family! First of all, thanks so much for checking out our blog. I’m here writing  about our family’s experiences and lifestyle, frugal living, gardening and meals, etc. We’re a family of FIVE (not including our pets) and we live in the hot and rainy Houston, Texas!

This is  my husband Nick. We moved to Texas together after meeting in Iowa in 2013. He was working as a geophysicist until October 2015 when, after a long year of economic difficulties, his company laid him off. He’s now a middle school math teacher, on the path to fulfilling his dream of teaching kids to love algebra.

These are our two older kiddos, Abel & Scarlet. I say “our” because we raise them together, although if you were paying attention to the previous blurb about meeting my husband, you may realize by their age here that they’re not biologically his. That’s okay! With blended families comes lots of extra love!

This is Nadia, our youngest little sprout. She’s now 18 months old (the photo is from last summer gardening!) and loves to chat and play. She’s quite a joy and rounds out the family very nicely!

Now that you’ve met us, I hope you’ll enjoy reading more about us! I want to be able to teach you things about cooking and gardening and share our journey through budgeting our way out of financial debts. Thank you for spending your time with us!